Spidering Your Scoped Target

Once you are finish with adding your target to scope. Now its time to do Spidering.When we test application, we have to be very carefull and should map the entire application, every single link available should be mapped out because if we have mapped our target properly then our half work is done but mapping the whole target mannualy is not possible i.e, why we do spidering because we do not want to miss any link which may exists.

Mannual Spidering

  • Go to your target application in your browser
  • Start clicking mannualy to every link you see
    • Try filling forms with dummy data
    • Click on every link available in user account
    • Find pages where search option is available .
    • If upload available, then upload files which are supported and not supported and see the difference
    • Whatever you click mannually, it will be automatically be shown in your sitemap. This work is done by Passive Spidering. This option is available under spider --> Option subtab.

Automated spidering

  • There are different ways to start spider
  • Best way is to go to sitemap, open context menu by right clicking on it and click on spider this host .
  • You can take any branch and spider from there.
  • Now before sending it to spider we should go to spider tab and then navigate to options subtab because to we need to refine our spidering process so that we get efficient results.
  • You can learn more about spidering from their offical documentation

Examining Your Target

  • If you are having pro version of Burp, then the result of spidering is more useful because we have all the issues identified and highlighted with some colored dots.
  • Navigate to all the links available, check for parameterized links
  • What type of pages you can access being a normal user and as an admin
  • Use compare site map if you have Pro version of Burp Suite.
  • You can use your analyzed result to check Authorisation level between admin and local user using compare sitemap feature.

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